Translation rates per word

 translation rates per word

How are our translation rates per word are calculated?

As ever, to determine translation rates per word, we calculate the number of source words.

The number of words of any source text in a foreign language will then be timed by the language ratio or 'allowance'  to produce the final quote.

What we mean by: 

source text - text written in its original language

target text - text translated into the language of your choice

allowance - ratio applied to estimate the number of words in the target text



Source language








Translation rates per word applicable from 2019

Source language





0,16 Pre Tax/word or 40 € Pre Tax per 250 words file

0,16 Pre Tax/word or 40 € Pre Tax per 250 words file

0,17 Pre Tax/word or 42,50 € Pre Tax per 250 words file

We apply the rates recommended by the SFT

To request your online translation quote specify the nature of your content, translation languages, volume and deadline.

Have a specific request? We can adapt our quote to fit your needs.

We understand that they may be factors that fall outside our translation rates per word structure such as the complexity and specialism of the content to be translated, the linguistic combination, the volume, the delivery deadline, the style of the content and the format. If your project involves an important vocabulary search or a time-consuming layout, it is better for us to know from the start to avoid any unnecessary complications further down the line.


Our commitment to you.


Once established, our translation quote is our commitment to delivering a quality translation without ever going back on translation rates per word .


By actively communicating with your translator in this way, you are guaranteed the best outcome at the best possible price.



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