Legal Translation

In the context of business globalization, legal translation presents many challenges and leaves no room for guesswork.

Legal translation

We overcome the linguistic barriers of legal translation so you don’t have to


Quality writing that faithfully conveys every nuance and connotation of the source text to translate complex legal concepts - often non-existent in other countries and cultures - into simple, easy to understand terminology.

adherence to the deadlines

Compliance with deadlines is essential, which is why we only accept realistic deadlines that take into consideration the nature, volume and complexity of the source text. We take great pride in delivering quality legal translations that will delight our clients.

turnkey service

Our linguistic expertise ensures you’ll receive a quality document, formatted as the original, that needs minimal input.

Want more information?

Our added value is close communication with our clients



A quality legal translation is above all a matter of communication. For this we like to know the context of your request, the target audience, the use or possible reuse of the text as well as your deadline.

Legal translation

we're all ears

Your feedback helps us enhance the quality of our work and to better understand your needs, transforming our translation into a message that really delivers.


Building consistency across documents, we create translation memories that respect your terminology preferences, guaranteeing the same standards time and again. After all, repeat business from our clients is testament to our quality.




a single point of contact


Our price includes direct access to the translator handling your project. Unlike other agency ‘Project Managers’, they fully grasp the importance of your requests and act on them immediately.


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